Warriors Den is a multi-disciplined self defense and fight school. Our core mission can be summed up in one word. Don’t. Don’t try to take mine from me without me first causing you pain in ways you least expect. Don’t come in the ring with me and expect to leave without bearing the bloody marks of a great trial that is worthy of any true warrior. Don’t join the Warrior’s Den unless you are prepared to spend time, sweat, blood and great exertion in creating a more honest, more confident and more dangerous version of yourself.


Warrior’s Den believes in the biblical words, “iron sharpens iron”. We will push you beyond your limits as you train with the best and hardest that the fight world has to offer. All of our instructors have black belts in more than one martial art (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kenpo Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai) and have competed and won tournaments and fights all over the world. We expose our students to the real world of combat while training, sparring and learning in the cage and on the mat. Our strident belief is that you must do it to learn it. And that means that sometimes you will hurt it.


Not only do we teach and show the physical part of any confrontation, we also teach mental preparedness and instill confidence in your ability to discern, lead and exert your will from the front of the pack while facing one or multiple adversaries. Understanding that friend or foe can be equally dangerous goes a long way towards becoming the warrior we all need to be.


At some point in our lives we have all asked ourselves that question when confronted with trying or impossible circumstances. But this is the wrong question. The question should be; Why not me? Why can’t I be the one to get the girl? Why can’t I be the one to get my degree? Why can’t I be the one to get that promotion? Why can’t I be the one to kick that person’s ass? Once we understand that we ourselves are the only thing standing in the way of us being that one, we are well on our way towards becoming all that we need to be. This realization will lead to the ability, skill and confidence that empowers us to take what is rightfully ours and not let anyone, neither friend nor foe stand in the way.


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