Strategic Acquisition Services (SAS), is a merger and acquisitions firm headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our specialty is working with regional, privately held firms experiencing some level of financial distress. SAS will broker and facilitate all types of financed and stock transfer transactions and the sale of publicly held companies. With over 30 years experience in the industry, we have amassed a wealth of contacts and funding sources that make almost any transaction possible.


Behind any thriving business stands an owner who has devoted a great part of his life to develop its potential. SAS understands the work, sacrifice and financial investment that produces success. An owner deserves to realize the maximum return on this investment. We will employ any strategy to make sure this very potential is realized.


Bad things happen to good people. This fact that drives our core mission at SAS. With our reputable sources and creative stategies for financing we have been and always will be able to find a buyer for all financially stressed assets. That means that 100% of our distressed clients have been able to realize top dollar from the sale of their troubled entities. In fact we at SAS tend to exceed our clients expectations. SAS is the only M&A firm in the world with this track record. All we ask of our clients is to keep an open mind. Even if solutions we suggest may look impossible, we can and will make them feasible as together we explore together creative and lucrative avenues many fear to venture.


Our business advisors are experts in locating assets with great value—assets you may not realize you have. These may include annuities, estates, dormant accounts and even insurance policies. Through our well respected and reputable partners we will find these assets, structure them in such a way as to legally avoid taxation and create the ideal financing vehicle for the sale of your non-distressed or distressed entity.


“…without SAS my whole life’s work would have been down the drain. I couldn’t have lived with that…”

“SAS realized that selling my business was a matter of life and death…my life and my death.”

“I don’t know how they did it but I got full value for my distressed business. It doesn’t matter if it was legal or not, I would have used SAS anyway…”

“SAS helped me to think outside the box to sell my business…and the box would have been my coffin…”


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